Beauty In Nature


The Potted Poppy is passionate about conserving resources and minimizing waste in anyway possible within the business and in our daily lives. We specialize in using architectural, drought tolerant, plant varieties to give you a unique aesthetic to your space. We believe that planting plants that will thrive in the environment in which they are planted will save you, time, money, headache and resources.



Hello! I'm Toni aka; Tones, Toni Lynn and Little Toni (my dad's name is Tony too, aka; Big Tony). I love nature, nachos, puppies and kittens A LOT. I am a California native who is super stoked to have grown up and lived in three of the best parts of the state; San Diego, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco (I mean c’mon, really?!). Instinctively, my design aesthetic is inspired by California's diverse, natural beauty. I enjoy the challenge of making beautiful living arrangements with plants that are water wise and low maintenance and that attract hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. I've studied Horticulture, Landscape Design, and Floristry through the years.  And after over 12 years in the floral industry I decided to take the leap to start my own Urban Container Garden business in 2014. The Potted Poppy incorporates the use of sustainable business practices and my love for all things botanical.