We work on behalf of Mother Nature to provide serenity in your San Diego urban spaces. We firmly believe that surrounding oneself with the living energy of plants helps to provide a sense of calm and inner peace within. And in this crazy world, we can use all the help we can get on the peace tip. Amiright? Always inspired by nature and the benefits it provides, we are committed to helping you get your urban oasis growing!



With an emphasis on drought tolerant plant varieties we create beautiful, low maintenance container gardens to spruce up your outdoor space. Whether you want to create an urban oasis on your deck/patio or boost the curb appeal in front of your restaurant, office, or home; we can design something just for you! We also offer maintenance services to keep your container garden looking its best year round.

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There's no doubt that plants add beauty, life, and energy to our indoor spaces! Not only do they help improve our air quality, but they can also boost moods and creativity, and add a sense of tranquility to our surroundings. Whether you have a low, medium, or a high lighted space, The Potted Poppy can help you figure out just the right plant(s) and containers for your home, restaurant, or office. We also offer maintenance services for those that want the lushness and benefits of the greenery but don't have the time to care for the plants. 

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The Potted Poppy does indoor plant sitting and urban garden sitting so you can go on vacation knowing that the 30 year old plant that was passed down to you by your dear great Auntie Judy will be happy, thriving and ready to welcome you home. Oh! and we can totally bring your mail in for you if you'd like!

Indoor plant sitting services include: Watering, Fertilizing and Leaf Dusting

Urban garden sitting services include: Watering, Pruning and Light Weeding

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Get your nature on with The Potted Poppy's signature Plant Parties!

These fun, affordable, mini workshops are designed to get you back to nature while having some relaxing fun and learning a thing or two about proper plant care, potting techniques and plant design.

The Potted Poppy Plant Parties are mobile events in which we come to you. We provide all the necessary materials and do all the set up and cleanup, while you have all the fun! (Well, we'll be having some fun too, 'cause this is what we love to do!)

 Plant Parties are great for: 

• Bridal Parties • Baby Showers •

• Office Events • Team Builds •

Birthday Parties • Sunday Fundays •

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We do custom orders!

The Potted Poppy has been a great resource for our restaurant. Toni has a great eye and is wonderful to work with. I would recommend her business to anyone trying to improve the look and feel of their space.
— Ian Begg, Chef/Owner, Naked Lunch
Toni has been a joy to work with. Her floral expertise has brought life and an air of seclusion to our outdoor seating here at Tartine Bakery.
— Zach Taylor, Manager, Tartine Bakery
When Toni takes care of my plants while I am on vacation, I feel as though my plants are on vacation too! They get the best love and care possible and I don’t have to come home to dead plants anymore. They always look so clean, happy, and healthy when returning home! I am incredibly thankful for Toni’s time, knowledge, and incredible attention to detail.
— Melanie Wodhams, World Traveler, Plant Owner and Plant Lover